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A lot of people are asking me, “Harley, how do rescues work?”

Well, let me tell you. National Mill Dog Rescue contacts puppy mills and explains to them that if they will release their unwanted breeding dogs to NMDR, they will find them homes and then they will not have to be killed or abandoned. Once a list of ‘breeders’ who are willing to relinquish dogs is established, the rescue team hits the road, traveling to various locations (usually) in the Midwest and picks up the dogs.

The team sometimes goes directly to the puppy mills, but quite often they will meet at a designated spot and transfer the dogs into the rescue vans. The rescued dogs are put into crates which are stacked and secured. The dogs are very scared and sad; they have no idea that life will get better for them very soon.

The first day of the rescue is usually a very long drive, typically from Colorado to Missouri, and then the second day starts very early, driving hundreds of miles picking up dogs from various locations. With full rescue vans the team will need to drive all the way home to Colorado as quickly and as safely as possible.

Since my best buddy, Teddy, and I have our own campaign “Harley to the Rescue” and our moms (and my dad) are members of the rescue team – we all go on rescues together along with Theresa Strader, NMDR founder, and several other awesome people.

THAT’S how it works! It’s a very difficult, but rewarding job.

Learn about Harley to the Rescue here: — with Naomi Derbyshire.

This picture was taken just after the last ‘Harley to the Rescue’ a few months ago. Teddy and I were tired and cold so we climbed inside dad’s jacket. It’s gonna be hot during our upcoming rescue so I hope dad’s got an air-conditioned jacket!

We leave early Tuesday morning … DOGS SAVING DOGS! Can’t wait! Get your ‘Harley to the Rescue’ t-shirt and help support puppy mill rescue:

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