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Dog halter/harness (shown on top) description ~ Rogz Utility Medium 5/8-Inch Reflective Snake Adjustable Dog H-Harness $17.70. This is the dog halter I’ve been looking for! Fully adjustable and it has a strap that goes around the neck/shoulder area and a 2nd strap that goes around the rib cage. Keeps your dog from slipping out of it. Personal note: I have not used the exact brand shown in the TOP photo but I am getting ready to order 3. I currently use this style and it is the only style that works for me.

The purple halter/harness below is one I found and purchased locally at PetCo for $17.95. The brand name stamped on the silver clasp is Petmate.
The majority of dog halters you are going to come across are a style called “Step In”. It has been my personal experience (we have 5 min pins ranging in size from 5 pounds to 30 pounds) that the “Step In” style halter does not stay secure on a dog of the min pin build.
Min pin’s have small slender heads and shoulders and can slip a regular collar in a second. You should NOT try to attach a leash to a neck collar for this reason. Also because their necks are too delicate. The double belted halter (shown above) is the only halter I will use to secure my dog either on a leash, or while they are seat belted in my car.

I have had difficulty finding this style halter/harness locally (I was lucky to find one so small for my 5 pound min pin, B.B.). I’m choosing to order my additional 3 from Amazon because they have a wide variety of colors and sizes available. You may be able to find them locally - either way the price appears similar.

To view the top halter on Amazon follow this link:

In the top photo is my little 5 lb female min pin B.B. She is modeling the double belt style harness. An easy way to remember which direction the harness goes before you put it on your dog is - the silver ring goes on the top, and in the back. This ring is where you attach their leash or their seatbelt strap when riding in the car.

In the lower photo you will see a seatbelt adapter. ANYTIME your pets ride in a vehicle, they should be secured. If they MUST ride in your lap, they can do so and be secured to your seatbelt. I don’t recommend driving with your dog in your lap, but I know there are folks out there who insist on doing it anyway. Always strap their harness to the seatbelt to avoid injury. I purchased my original seatbelt adapter (at a local pet store chain) over 10 years ago and it still works great. When our four legged family grew I wasn’t able to find these anywhere except Amazon so that is the link I’m posting for finding them. I’d still check your local pet store first.

1” MED-LG DOG SEAT BELT STRAP by Coastal Pet. $8.56 each. These are super affordable and super easy to use. Just thread the seatbelt strap through the loop and click the seatbelt in place. Attach the hook to your dogs harness and go. Small enough to keep in your car at all times. You wear a safety belt-shouldn’t your dog? This is what I use for my min pins. Keeps them from crawling all over the car while you’re driving too. This item can be found here:
Side Note: I just double checked this item on Amazon and they are currently out of stock. If you follow the link, you will see several other alternative options.

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