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Chrystall Lewis Behl, Keller Texas ~ “I don’t F*CKING care! I will see him DEAD before they help him!”
Said in response to plea from Foster for help with transport to Adopter.

This piece of human garbage pulled 2 dogs from some shelter, then she took one of them back the next day and had him PTS because she didn’t ever have a foster for either of them, she called me crying and I drove to Texas and got Titus and she took the pledges and bought from breeder.

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#Mesquite, #Texas (located 20 minutes east of Dallas)
Animal ID: 23272623 (female)

Miniature Pinscher Age: Young Adult

Compatibility: Good with Most Dogs
Personality: Average Energy, Average Temperament

10 pounds. please contact the shelter in mesquite. 972-216-6283

#This Animal could be euthanized soon if not rescued

Animal Location:
1650 Gross Rd.
Mesquite, TX 75149 


Listed at:

I ran across this in Modern Dog and thought I’d pass it along (I know one of my min pins has been scratching a bunch).
Itchy Dog? Here’s a tip you might not have tried

If you have an itchy, allergic dog, you know that pollens in the plants and grasses around your home exacerbate your pup’s skin issues. Here’s an easy, inexpensive way to quell that skin inflammation you might not have tried.

Try bathing your pet once or twice a week to remove the allergens. Surprised this would help? Frequent bathing relieves the allergic inflammation that leads to constant scratching and skin infections. And, bathing eliminates dander, bacteria, yeast, and loose hair that can contribute to infections and skin issues.

If you bathe your dog at 3 to 4 day intervals, you’ll need to ensure you’re not removing necessary moisture and oils from the skin and hair. Not all shampoos are created equal. Use a colloidal oatmeal shampoo and conditioner to promote healing and to moisturize dry skin.

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